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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Kim Kardashian's New Wardrobe 2016

Kim Kardashian's New Wardrobe 2016
Kim Kardashian has changed something major about her image. But she's done it so subtly, we're not sure many people even noticed.
If you think back to before she was pregnant for the second time with Saint, the 35-year-old was rocking one very recognisable signature style.
In fact, we think Kim's looking the best she's ever looked in the style stakes right now, and we're loving her subtle nod to '00s kim with those lacy babydoll dresses and retro denim mini skirts

Kim's swapped latex and stretch jersey for ripped and stonewashed denim, and oversized boyfriend jackets have become her new go-to cover-up.
Kim Kardashian's New Wardrobe 2016
High-waisted trousers, classic court shoes and designer-on-designer co-ords were the star's daily staples, and hubby Kanye West's high-fashion influence on Kim was clear to see.
It was rare to see Kim step out in anything other than a slinky bodycon pencil skirt, a super fitted polo neck and a smart coat - in fact, that became her go-to off-duty wardrobe.
But we've been keeping an eye on her style since giving birth to her second baby - and we've noticed something.
She's still showing off her world-famous curves, but she looks altogether more... Comfy. Let us show you what we mean:
Kim Kardashian's New Wardrobe 2016
 The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently admitted that she was keen to get back to her weight from six years ago, posting on Snapchat that she had '12lbs to go to reach 2010 Kim'.
Looks like she's recreating 2010 Kim in more ways than one.
Kim Kardashian's New Wardrobe 2016


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