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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Top Ten Endangered Animals of The World

world wildlife fund picture endangered animals species
Today I am posting a list of endangered animals who are likely to become extinct forever from our Mother Earth. Man is destroying the natural habitat of these animals slowly by slowly. If strict steps are not taken to save these wonderful animals, then the time is not too far for these endangered animals to become extinct forever. But still we have time to save these species, if proper steps are taken to add life. Though the list of endangered species is quite long, but I am posting ten out of them and that too according with World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Green-Cheeked Parrot
Green-Cheeked Parrot engangered species
The green cheek parrot is sold across USA & Mexico because of its great demand, the main reason of its population decrease. Green-Cheeked Parrot looks beautiful because of its colors. Also it has good intelligence capabilities   
Hawksbill Turtle
Hawksbill pics engangered species
An adult Hawksbill turtle can measure as long as 1 meter. Because of the low birth rate of these turtles combined with the illegal trade of its shell, the Hawksbill is now exponentially vulnerable to extinction.
Mako shark
mako shark pics endangered species
 Mako shark is killed primarily because of its tender meat and fin. To make things worse, the shark fin is considered to be of great value medicinally. Some poachers will just strip off their fins and throw it back to the sea and leave it to die there.
Giant Panda
giant panda pics endangered species
This is one of the iconic animals that represents all the endangered species of the world. There are now only less than 1,000 pandas in the wild. Because of their beautiful and soft fur, they are sought after by poachers. In addition to this, their natural habitats are now disappearing because of deforestation.
Mountain Gorilla
Sad to say, there are only about 720 surviving gorillas in the wild and another 200 of them are living in the Virunga National Park. Thankfully, the active conservation efforts of the Democratic Republic of Congo have paid off. There had been a 14 percent increase in its population for the last 12 years.
Polar Bears 
polar bear photo pics endangered species
 The polar bears are among the earliest species that were threatened by the escalating global warming issue. With ice caps melting, it is estimated that within the next century the polar bears will be completely wiped off the face of the icy arctic.
Beluga Sturgeon
Beluga Sturgeon picture poto endangered species
Once believed to be extinct until one beluga sturgeon was found alive in the Caspian Sea, it is now considered to be an ancient living fossil. Because of its delicious meat, it is highly in-demand at exotic restaurants. Because of it is so expensive, many poachers are tempted to hunt down beluga sturgeon.
tiger photos pics endangered species
The numbers of tiger in the wild is getting lesser each year because of poachers. Tigers are just occupying 7 percent of their original habitats and if this will continue, they will soon face extinction like their relatives in Asian countries.
Black Rhino 
black rhino pictures photo endangered species top ten
During the last few decades, the population of black rhinos has decreased by 90 percent. There are now about 3000 rhinos in the world today and if poaching continues, they are believed to get extinct within the next few years.
Alligator Snapping Turtle
The meat of alligator snapping turtle is considered to be an exotic food. Due to international market demands for an alligator snapping turtle and the deforestation that is taking place in North America, this turtle is now rapidly decreasing in numbers.
The list above may  increase, and other may decrease even more. May be, by the next time someone will make a list of these endangered species, one of the animals listed here may be officially extinct. This is the sad state of our Mother Earth. While there are efforts made to salvage these animals, it is never enough as long as there are greedy people who are motivated by their selfish ambitions. It is time to make a stand. It is time to make a change and the change starts with you. 
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