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Friday, 12 August 2011

Woman Want This OR What?

'Men think, while women desire.'   is truly said.
Hey don't worry, there are some universal basic rules to win over any gal's heart , though every gal is different but what's coming next will work  for your would be girlfriend;

Come as a friend not a stranger, pass a smile to her (not always otherwise she will think you are frantic). Sometimes this is all it takes for a young woman to notice you.Try to develop intimacy to break void between two of you.
Complement her and be real by specifying particular feature.

Do Flirting, start with casual conversation and just be at ease. She might be as nervous as you are. Don't worry about if you will make some bad joke, small mistakes are likely to be unobserved.Gal feel at sky for casual flirting.
Tell her jokes, propose her some dinner out or casual picnic.

Talk to her, Be ROMANTIC, tell about your interest, ask her what she likes, explore. Be positive even if you had a nasty day. Listen to her, never dare to ignore her, never ever.....
Acknowledge her as special, romance is not flowers, chocolaty, teddies; they rarely touch the soul, you have to do that.
Give her damn attention, remember what she told you  a while ago,  understands her better  than anyone else in this world to make her feel unique.
Get in SLENDER TOUCH initially, this is last but most important.
Here's trick - offer your support while she is walking on uneven surface??
                    -  lay your hand gently over her shoulder while she is worried.
Every human enjoy care and affection.

Guyz  but always keeps your intention good as LOVE IS REALLY SACRED, NEVER HURT PEOPLE IN LOVE.
Next I will help you how to move ahead, remember love and sex are two different words, so come back for next post....

But guys just pause and remember sex brings couple more closer to each other. 

Physical intimacy releases hormone Oxytocin, which is also known as the
love hormone
It's a very important ingredient for any relationship to sustain, it nurtures the relationship and strengthen the bond provided it must be highly mutual :)))))


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