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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Secret For A Happy and Wonderfull Life

  • Count Your Blessings - Not Your Troubles.

Visualize Your Sorrows Being Written In Sand, Will Blow Away.
But Your Blessing In Stone, Will Remain With You Always.

  • Pray And Cooperate With Inevitable.
Whatever You Ask For In Prayer, Believe That  You  Have Received It, And It Will Be Yours.
  • Once Decision Is Reached Act Immediately Without Delay.
Journey Of Thousand Miles Begin With Single Step.
It's Time To Let  Go, It Will Be OK.

  • Put Enthusiasm Into Your Work, Feel Pride In Your Work And Learn To Organize.
Generosity Is Giving More Than You Can,Pride Is Taking Less Than You Need.
  • Do The Very Best You Can In Every Situation.
Doing Your Best Is More Important Than Being The Best.
I Assure You God Will Do The Rest.


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