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Friday, 27 May 2011

The Darkest Truth of the Great Nation India

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Hey Friends, I always talked in the past, about the brighter side of India or incredible India. I always showed you the great facts, dignity and rich culture of India. But today, I want to show you the darker side of India. You'd be getting a big shock after going through this darker side of India. Though these shocking, hidden or unbelievable facts about India are known to me from my childhood, but today I just want to share everything with you all my dear friends.
I think India is the most corrupted nation in this whole world. Here everyone is corrupted. if some minister is good then others do not allow him to do good. Almost all ministers of India are corrupted and they eat the money of the hard working people of India. For example if a Rs. 100 is sanctioned from the center government for any welfare of people, the people in reality gets just Rs.1. The rest is eaten up by the greedy ministers and the whole chain. This is truth. You can just judge by the fact that The total amount of Indian black money stashed away in Swiss Banks is 1.5 trillion USD which is more than 75 lacs crore or 7,50,00,00,00,00,000 INR!! This amount is much more than twice the amount of black money of all other countries in the world. This a very very very huge amount of money could change India at just one moment. 
India is the fastest growing economy in the whole world after China, but do you know almost 3/4th of its total population has the capacity to spend just Rs.20 or A Half-Dollar per day.
Though Hindi is the National language of India and its the second most spoken language in the whole world after Chinese Mandarin, but Hindi is considered as a lower status language in India after English. I have seen many young boys and girls who are ashamed of speaking Hindi. And they truly treat other ones who speak Hindi as of very low standard. Its very surprising to me that a language decides the standard of a person.
Love is the most sacred thing in this universe and you can say Love is God. And there is no restriction to love in the laws of any country or in any religion. But here in India in smaller towns or even in some bigger cities to some extent, the well educated people kill their daughters and may be her partner also, if she falls in love with some boy. Here couples need police security because they have got married by their own wish. These type of murders takes place not only when the couples are inter caste, but also when they belong to the same caste.
Some people educate their boys just because they think if the boy has a good degree, he will be getting more dowry. The parents of a girl don't care about the talent of the boy, but if his parents has money, he will be fine for them. Means they don't see what can the boy himself can do. They just see the property of their parents. The more the property, the more dowry they will be giving to them. People use to visit temples and listen to the spiritual words by some specific spiritual Gurus. They can donate millions of Rupees to these spiritual people, but they can't help their own brothers or sisters in financial crisis. They just show off that they are very religious, but if something appears in their own way,they just forget everything about spiritualism. 
People use to respect only those who have money even if those people are worst in character. They are genius to them. But if a really talented person has no money, he or she is useless to them and they call this person as MAD.
People use to worship the mother goddess and show as if they are the most devoted people. But many people use to kill their daughters at the time of birth itself, because they need a male child. They wrap the female child in wet towel and dip in cold water as soon as the infant girl is born. They are just like devils. I hate them.
Very well educated people also do such dirty kind of things. Much population of India believe in superstitions too much. They do not prefer to analyze the cause of the problem, rather they rely just on fate and they do such dirty superstitious methods to overcome their problems. I have learnt many things people just use to show off in society. I have seen many people who are totally money minded, they even can not buy medicines even for themselves so as not to expense. They can't help their any relative who is highly in need of financial help for treatment. rather they let him die. They are very much selfish and yet they consider themselves as religious people in society.
People here can not see the other one to get success. Even own relatives are jealous if someone is getting success. I have heard a story in my childhood that there was an exhibition of all the countries of the world. And each country presented some important thing of their respective country. An Indian took a opened jar of glass with some big ants in it and he presented this item in the exhibition. Well everybody gets surprised to see such a presentation from that Indian guy and they asked Indian why you haven't covered the mouth of the jar as the ants may come out from the jar. The Indian replied the jar represents India and the ants in it are Indian people. He asked to look at the activities of ants in the jar. They saw that when some ant tries to move up, the others too try climbing up by holding the feet of the first ant. And they all fell down. Means they didn't allow any ant to climb up. And this is truth about India. Here if somebody tries to get success, the others never let him to do. This truly happens in a much portion of India in real life. Even myself have experienced this thing. Either I was not allowed to do something or people discouraged me to do so.
And more about the Government of India, they are not for the people. they are just for themselves. If they launch any schemes for poor people, its actually for them only. And the poor person would never get the benefit. These poor people are even not allowed to enter their premises. Almost every government servant is serving for himself only. I have also seen that in a small city, a  railway over bridge is needed. And the government sanctioned money to build it. You will be surprised to know that government even sanctioned money for its renovation also, but the bridge was never built. If any true person tries to complain against any higher authority, he might get killed or threatened to death. The mind of Indian citizens have also changed to the fact that government will never do good for them. During elections, various parties offer money for votes. They give impressive schemes for people if they got elected in the government. Like for example in one state government, they offered rice for Rs 4 per Kg for poor people. They have got elected too in the government. They have even issued the orders to sell rice at such a lower price to poor people. But the poor people never get it. But the concerned officers keep it to themselves and sell it at higher prices or distributed to their relatives and to those people who are not in need means to rich people. This truly happens in India.The truly deserving candidate never gets the position but on the contrary the undeserving candidate gets it because either he is the relative of some minister or he has the power to bribe them. Everyone in this country knows what is happening and how is happening. But nothing can be changed. The whole system in India is corrupt. They just talk and talk and talk, but no action. The police know everything about crimes and all, but they don't act. They act only if some incident happens. The police serves only rich people and also those people who are doing all the illegal things like smuggling of drugs etc. They never catch the main person behind illegal matters,instead they catch a very small one and that too show the society that they are working. I have watched such persons who are drug dealers and they are working as social workers. And everybody knows them. But still they are social workers. I think due to the above reasons only many talented Indian young people are immigrating to western countries for a better future and a better lifestyle. They know that in those countries there is much respect of the talent. I am so sad that when this all will get change in India. This is not true India.This is not the heritage of India. There are millions of people who think just like me and they all are ready to take the step. When this corruption, illiteracy, superstitions etc end in India, then I am sure India would be the best country in this world to live. It has everything,every climate, every type of vegetation, every type of religion, its truly rich. I am posting some of the strangest pics which clearly show the darker side of India. You may find these pictures as funny also. I want to awaken all the youth of India to take the necessary steps to build true India and to end the corruption in India. And to treat each and every person as one. To respect every human. To respect females. Then only this beautiful nation can be truly deserving India.


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