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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Famous Hot Celebrities Marriages in Colorful Wedding Dresses

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HI Guys,I would like to show you the hot photos of the wedding dresses of some of our favorite hot celebrities,hot actresses who didn't wear traditional white colored wedding dress, but instead they preferred to wear different colored wedding dress on their marriages. I also wish to tell you why wedding dress is white in color. Actually the white color is the symbol of virginity.It also symbolizes wealth,happiness and innocence. It is said that when you get married in white,you will have chosen all right.And if you're married in black,you will wish yourself back. At some time even some think today also that the bride could wear any color except for red or black, which were associated with prostitutes and mourning, respectively. Well enough about the colors,lets have a look on the hot celebrities who wore wedding dress other than white.
Dita Von Teese
dita von teese marriage Marilyn Manson wearing purple colored Vivienne Westwood gown wedding dress
Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese married to Marilyn Manson. She was looking awesome in purple colored Vivienne Westwood gown.But sadly marriage didn’t last.
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Reese Witherspoon
reese witherspoon marriage jim toth wearing pink colored monique lhuilier wedding gown wedding dress
Reese Witherspoon married to Jim Toth.The hot actress Reese Witherspoon wore a pink colored Monique Lhuilier wedding gown. This was her second marriage.She has two children from her ex husband Ryan Phillippe
Helena Bonham Carter
helena bonham carter marriage tim burton wearing red velver colored black veil wedding dress
The English hot actress Helena Bonham Carter tied the knot with Tim Burton in red velvet and a black veil
kelis marriage rapper Nas wearing green colored green tinged gown gown wedding dress
The hot musical celebrity Kelis and rapper Nas got married ,but this wedding is said to be ill-fated. Well,Kelis walked down the aisle in this hideous lime green-tinged gown. 
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker marriage Matthew Broderick wearing black colored wedding dress
Hollywood hot actress Sarah Jessica Parker who is most famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex and the City,”  when married to Matthew Broderick wore a black dress. You'd surprised to know that she regrets the decision of wearing black and wishes she had gone with traditional white.
Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani marriage Gavin Rossdale wearing white pink colored John Galliano wedding dress
Gwen Stefani married Gavin Rossdale. The famous american singer was wearing double shaded John Galliano dress. White on top and sexy pink color at the bottom of her hot wedding dress
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor marriage Richard Burton wearing yellow chiffon wedding dress
When the forever actress Elizabeth Taylor wed Richard Burton—the first time!—she’d already been married and divorced four times, so wearing white probably seemed a little silly. Hence, she wore this adorable yellow chiffon dress, while her hair was adorned with lilies and hyacinths instead of a veil.
Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore marriage Bart Freundlich wearing lavender Prada wedding dress
Julianne Moore married longtime love Bart Freundlich in 2003 in a simple ceremony in front of a small group of family and friends, including their two kids, so it makes sense that her dress wasn’t fussy either. She chose a lavender Prada dress for the occasion.
Jordan marriage Peter Andre wearing pink princess wedding dress
When the UK famous Jordan married Peter Andre it was a big news in the British tabs. She was wearing a beautiful pink princess gown and a Princess Crown. Awesome. 
Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone marriage Phil Bronstein wearing dusty pink wedding dress
Hollywood hot actress Sharon Stone has always been a little daring fashion-wise—remember when she wore Gap to the Academy Awards? And when she married Phil Bronstein in 1998, she wore a classic designer, Vera Wang, in a non-traditional color—dusty pink.
Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo marriage Christopher Ivery wearing black YSL wedding dress
The American hot actress Ellen Pompeo’s wedding to Christopher Ivery was done silently.The photo above is not from their wedding, FYI—but her decision to wear a black YSL dress still managed to leak.


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