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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Unusual & Strange Animals Found In Washington-Strange Pics

Strange Life
Are you able to guess which two unusual-strange animals have been discovered in which two unusual locations in Washington state since Sunday?
Well, first . . .
There was . . .
This freakin' cat!
 Actually this one:
 It's a 35-pound African serval, and it was caught in Longview on Sunday.
As the AP studies, its name is Rajah and it belongs to a local lady there. It escaped and ran amok. Residents thought there was a "cheetah" running around once they saw it in their backyards.
Then animal control officers caught it with a lure and a few cat food. Brilliant.
Next we've got . . .
A chicken!
 Boring, you say? Ah, however I did not finish. You see, it was found in a McDonald's bathroom.
As the Herald tells it, somebody walked into the McDonald's at 4020 Colby Ave. in Everett on Monday with a live chicken stuffed in their purse and then left it within the bathroom.
Police later confirmed up and took the planted chicken into custody.
A slender miss. Have you ever seen what McDonald's does to chickens?
Not simply this:
 But this:
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