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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ultimate Top Ten United States Cities With Most Beautiful People

Salt Lake City
Salt Lake is a survey beginner, but that didn’t stop it from cracking the higher rank of this list. And the Utah natives rank about the equivalent as an well-known package: they’re best ten for being physically full of life, friendly, and wise . They’re a beautiful  secure bunch too—the city ranks No. 1 for security.
 Despite the fact that the Mile High City ranks second for its microbrews, there’s no need to pack your beer goggles when coming for a visit. (The town did slip three spots from last 12 months on this class, however.) Denver additionally ranks No. 2 for its parks and outside areas, and the match locals take advantage of it, rating No. 1 for being athletic.
 Folks within the Texas capital are intelligent (No. 5) and amiable (No. eight for friendliness), they usually keep in shape too (No. four for being lively). Fortunately, it’s fun discovering them, too: Austin ranks No. 2 for both its live music as well as bar scene.
 One thing about these cowboy hats should flatter the face—and having the ability to sing doesn’t harm either. Music City varieties don’t go for rhinestones as much as they used to, which possibly helped them land at No. 10 for style. However people are nonetheless plenty country: they rank No. 10 for farmers’ markets and No. three for a howdy-there friendliness.
San Diego
 Maybe it’s all those sunny blondes in this SoCal city, or just the fact that everyone looks good when the forecast is perfect (its weather ranks No. 1), but San Diego maintains its No. 2 ranking in this category from last year. Certainly the locals take good care of themselves, jogging along the beaches: the city also ranks No. 2 for its athletic citizens.
 Who cares if these Floridians don’t come off as brainy or even terribly nice? AFC readers ranked them near the bottom for both friendliness and smarts. But though they’ve lost their grip on the No. 1 ranking in this category, Miamians are still top-five material. Perhaps that’s because they seem to be out at the gym (No. 10 for athletic) or just out shopping. Miami ranks No. 9 for luxury boutiques and No. 3 for style.
 This newcomer to the America’s Favorite Cities survey makes a bold entrance into this category. The Georgia city also racks up a huge number of No. 2 berths in the survey, thanks in large part to its ever-so-appealing denizens.
 Salt Lake City
Salt Lake is a survey newbie, but that didn’t stop it from cracking the upper echelon of this list. And the Utah natives rank about the same as an overall package: they’re top 10 for being physically active, friendly, and intelligent. They’re a pretty trustworthy bunch too—the city ranks No. 1 for safety.
 San Juan, Puerto Rico
 San Juan is certainly one of three newcomers to the survey that cracked the top 10 in this populahere definitelthe right way to charm visitormany wayadditionally they made it into the top 10 for friendliness and for dressing to the nines (No. 6 for style).

This South Carolina  got rid of perennial winner Miami this yeathe great-looking peoplactually migrated north? Charlestonians additionally score high for friendliness, rank second for their traditional sense of style, and even make the top 10 for intelligence. To see if it’s all true, simply stroll the streets of this quaint city, which also ranks No. 1 for its noteworthy neighborhoods.\
What makes the people of one city so good-looking and the folks elsewhere…properly, not a lot? Do some cities change into magnets for the Greek god and goddess sorts, or does the mere act of residing in a certain area actually have a transformative impact? Regardless of the causes, in this 12 months’s America’s Favorite Cities survey, voters informed us that good climate and nice shopping go hand-in-hand with attractiveness. San Diego and Miami, for instance, did nicely in all three classes, ending up among the top five cities to search out America’s most attractive people.
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