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Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Best Tips For Yoga and Meditation

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Meditation and yoga are the processes that has direct effects on mind, meditation and yoga plays a vital role in relaxing brain and changing state of mind from distortion to peace . Meditation is a holistic discipline by which a person tries to get beyond the reflexive “thinking”, mind into deep state of relaxation or awareness, Meditation is component of many religions. Effects of meditation and yoga on brain are very positive; meditation and yoga are very useful way to reduce stress. Throughout the history people had used meditation and yoga to calm mind; many researches have been conducted in order to determine the effects of meditation and yoga on brain. Evidence from neuroscience suggests that meditation alters the structures and functions of brain.
In order to understand the effects of meditation on brain we should first understand the meditation process, Meditation is a three step process that includes, concentrating mind and meditating mind and contemplating mind. Our normal state of mind is very “abnormal”, when we receive sensory stimuli we respond in much uncontrolled way, we use to move from one thought to another, and same thought yields different reactions at different times.

 It is the first step in meditation it is art of gaining control over the mind and life.
 Meditation is an unbroken attention, when concentration flows in meditation, the attention paid to the object of meditation become spontaneous.
 It is unity of objects of meditation and our mind, it is ultimate state of consiousess, when we are conscious of our body and think ourselves as part of universe, then with contemplation we become conscious of cosmo, feels our self part of it and will realize our unity with all of it.
Long-term meditation leads to high levels of brain waves ,known as “gamma band rhythm” that are linked to mental activities e.g. attention, learning and conscious perception, “gamma waves” increase significantly among long term mediators during practice and also remain high after meditation ,long-term meditation changes the base line state of mind.
lifestyle meditation and yoga pics photos

Effects of Yoga on Human Mind and Brain
Yoga positively effects mental health, it leads to:
Reduction of tension: yoga is the best way to free the mind from mental disturbance, it calms the spirit, reduces nervousness, confusion and depression.
Renewal of mental agility: By practicing yoga mood and capacity for willingness, attentiveness to tackle problems is revived.
Reduction of mental illness: yoga leads to reduction of mental illness, frustration and feelings of insecurity vanish over times.
Confident living: The aim of yoga is confident living; it swings the person from pessimist to optimistic.
Social values: yoga reduces annoyance with others, as you achieve calm and peaceful state of mind through yoga then it leads to agreeableness with others.
lifestyle meditation and yoga pics photos
Tips for Yoga
  • The best time to perform yoga is in morning before breakfast, because at this time our mind is relax and calm, body movements can be performed effectively.
  • Develop confidence in yourself before starting yoga.
  • The place for yoga must be calm quite and ventilated, because in this way yoga will really work with end result calm, relax mind.
  • Drink a glass of Luke warm water before starting yoga.
  • Be particular about choosing clothes for yoga, wear loose clothes .wear cotton pants n shirts.
  • Begin with easy pose.
  • Take breaks during yoga.
  • If you perform yoga on regular bases then your diet should be balance and eat after four hours interval. Ratio composition of meal should be, grains and cereals 30%,dairy products 20%,vegetable and roots 25%,fruit and honey 20% ,nuts 5%.
  • Avoid overeating and fasting.
  • Your breathing should be long and deep while performing yoga.
  • Keep your mouth close, inhale and exhale through nose.
  • Use yoga mat, made of comfortable material.
  • Do not get feeling of pain and discomfort while performing yoga, if you feel means you are not doing yoga in right manner and adjust your pose.
  • If you are a beginner then, then start with easy postures and later on difficult steps.
Hence we can say that meditation and yoga leads to positive effects on brain and human body, relieves human brain from stress and ultimately helps a person to lead a hapy life.


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