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Friday, 14 January 2011

The Final Secrets Of Women's Body Language Revealed !!!

What do you really mean when you purse your lips, cross your legs or raise your eyebrows? We reveal what your body is saying unconsciously with gestures:
The Pretzel

The next time you see a comedian, look out for members of the audience sitting like this with their legs crossed and a foot tucked behind their calf. They're saying: "Yes, I'm happy to be here, but I want to be invisible." You're taking up as little space as possible, showing that you're hoping not to be noticed.

Furrowed Brows

Lowering the brows is a dominance gesture used mainly by men, which tells people: " I may be looking at you, but I'm in charge."

Foot Point

I once knew which dog had won Crufts before it was announced because the judge's foot was pointed in its direction. The way your foot is facing indicates what you're thinking. Follow the line of someone's foot and it will show you what they're most interested in - if it's the door, they want to leave.
Hair Flicking

This draws attention to a person. It's also a "youth display" often used by older women to appear more attractive. When we're young, our hair is naturally flexible with a lot of body, but it loses this over time. So women flick their hair to give it that youthful bounce.
Ear Massage

When someone's worried, they reach for their earlobe to comfort themselves. It's a very convenient, puffy bag full of nerve endings, which therefore has a lot of pleasant sensation.
Legs Apart

When you're on a train, you stand with your legs apart so you're not thrown off balance. And that's what you're saying when you stand like this in other situations: "I'm immoveable." You're telling people you won't change your mind.
Shifting Weight

When you want to escape from a conversation, you shift your weight from side to side or back to front. It often leads to a little dance with the person you're talking to - you shift, they unconsciously pick up on the signal so they look at their handbag.
Knuckle Display

This is the opposite of open hands - it's self- protective and is actually saying: " Be careful, you could get a knuckle sandwich."
You Crossed legs

If you're with a person standing in the 'scissor stance', you're in for a long night of boredom. It says: 'I have no intention of moving.' It's a good way of telling if the conversation is going to continue read this signal and button your jacket, they reach for their coat. You both leave.
Raised Eyebrows

Arch your eyebrows and widen your eyes and you look startled. But raised eyebrows on their own indicates you're trying to show you're interested in someone or something.
Hiding Your Hands

Hide your hands completely and you have something to conceal - you don't want them to reveal anything. Tony Blair used to put his hands in his pockets, but leave his thumbs exposed - that's partly concealment but, by leaving the thumbs out, it's also a sign of dominance.

Blinking rapidly? Then your mind's working overtime. It's a sign someone's worried, excited or even lying as they're under stress and thinking very rapidly - anything from "I must get out of here" to "He's very attractive" or "I'm going to get found out".


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