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Friday, 7 January 2011

Lets Get Success Instantly

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Success is not an easy concern for everybody. Everybody in this world wants success. It comes instantly to many and it takes years for others and also it might not come to many people. But still there is a ladder to success i.e. Plans & strongly recommending ourselves to these plans to get it. Another thing which I have experienced in my life "Where There Is A Will; There is Always A Way" So keep thinking for what you actually want in your life and feel that moment of success. It will generate a positive effect which would travel  to the whole universe. And the universe itself will start working positively for you. I am sure you will get what you have thought. I would like to mention some things which all of you must read & think at least once about them. So let’s start with strong will power and confidence to achieve a better lifestyle.
1.Quit Smoking,Drugs & Alcohol
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Right now if you are habitual to smoking, drinking or drugs just quit it. Quit it means just Quit it forever. Destroy all of your cigarettes, liquor & all other drugs and throw away from your place. It’s not hard dears, OK if you feel it hard; It’s just a little hard but not impossible. Nothing is going to happen bad to you. Drink lots of juices & fresh water. Take proper rest, Sleep a little more. Consult a doctor if you are unable to sleep or you have got loose motions. Within a week, you will feel like a newborn life. Your mind will start thinking in a different way. You will realize soon much better changes in or around you. The food which you always eat will taste much better. You will feel your surroundings more beautiful. You will feel your family more near to you, more loving to you. If you are under some stress just do something else like have a chewing gum or just take a ride in your city or just talk to your beloved one. Eradicate these things from your life forever and recommend others too. You will feel happiness a really sacred one.
2.Enjoy Your Life More
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Do anything in which you feel enjoyment and satisfaction. You are the best person. Enjoy your every work you do in your daily routine. Never say that your work is bad or unsatisfactory. Enjoy more with your friends. Listen to music. Dance if you want to dance. If you feel like to dance start shaking your butts. Have more sex. Sex is one of the best methods to relax and emit negative energy. Enjoy every moment like you has  never enjoyed before. I think music relieves our state of mind and it makes our mood cheerful. Read about successful people and again have strong thoughts of seeing yourself as a successful person. Just feel it always.
3. Organize Yourself and At Your Workplace

Make your house or workplace in a well organized manner. Don’t be messy about it. And above all organize yourself. Change your appearance, your hairstyle or dressing style. Like this you will feel fresher always & you will feel better.
4.Respect Your Family & Spend More Time With Them

Talk about your daily work, problems, anything with your family. You will feel relaxed I am sure about this. Try to dine together with family members always; it strengthens love bond. Only our family is ours and they always support us under any circumstances. The more you are in touch within your family members, the more you will relax and happy. The more you are relaxed & happy; the more you can focus on your work.
5.Learn Something New & Don't Ever Waste Your Precious Time
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It is a known fact that Time Is Money so don't waste it.Rather this Learn anything interesting from any source you find comfortable with.Because learnings always help us.It makes you better.You can even learn anything of your interest online from internet.
6.Stay Fit
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Join a gym or do regular exercises to stay fit always. Get up early (before sunrise) Jog regularly because that is the best time to receive positive energies from our atmosphere. It will give you always a fresh look at your face. Don’t ignore Just start doing it.
7.Meditate A Little
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Just sit in a relaxed position to meditate and concentrate on anything you want. Even you can concentrate on your incoming and outgoing breath. I would like to mention a mantra its
  'SAUN HAN'. Say SAUN while in taking breath & HAN while outgoing. Or you can chant the universal popular mantra 'AUM'. Do it for anytime comfortable for you. It will exclude all of your negative energies from your body and start accumulating positive energies not only within yourself but also in your surroundings. It relaxes you. It’s really a charm. Try it.
8.Feel Yourself Successful

You must feel yourself always successful. Create very strong thoughts whatever you want to be and feel it. Because when you have strong thoughts, it sends a positive energy to the whole Universe and all start reacting in the way you've thought in return. It really happens.
9.Throw Away The Feeling Of Hatred 
Love everybody, every creature made by God. Try to help others as much as you can. Do it by heart. Because when we help somebody like for example some poor person; they give us blessings. And again these blessings generate positive energy for you along with the Universe.
10. Work Hard & Never Give Up 
Don't get depressed if it is taking a long time. Just concentrate on your work hardly with a smile always on your pretty face.
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Always believe in your own true and good actions or deeds or work which you do. Good deeds surely lead you to the heights of success.
12.Don't Look To The People Above To You 
Work & live always looking at the people who are under to you. Take inspiration from them and focus on your own work always. If ever you try to see above and walk you will fall down and it really hurts. So this is really very important thing. Do not ignore it.
I always feel myself successful. I don't have a father; and in a country like India it is extremely difficult to survive when your father is dead at an early age. I was just 20 years old then. But I never lost my confidence level. I just had the vision of success in my mind always. I was sure about my success. I never tell lie to anybody. I hope the above things will bring a very good change in your lives and soon you will be successful. Now I am handling the responsibility for all my family and I think I am doing well because I always see a big smile on all of my family members. I wish all of you all the best. Please forgive me if have done any mistake in my post. These all are my own experiences. I just tried my best.


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