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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I Want You To Love Your Parents!!! I Miss My Daddy !!!

Hey dudes and babes. Lately there's so many issues around us about children being rude to their parents. You can read it on newspapers,  and everything. In a month there might be one or two stories on children hurting their parents and everything. Something like a drug addict killed their mother. While today,i read something from newspaper,grandson and his two friends robbed his grandfather. Not only that,they killed the poor old man too. That's very cruel ?  
So,instead of bitching on your parents why don't you:  

    Sometimes the way you treat your parents will reflects the way your soon-to-be-children treating you. If you want these good treatment,why don't you do your own part first? 
I don't care if my parents read this or not. Sometimes i am a stubborn child. Sometimes i ignored your advises. Sometimes i don't listen to you. Sometimes i raise my voices to you. Sometimes i act on some white lies  to you. But most of the times,I LOVE YOU Mom and Dad.  I miss you supermom and superdad. 
I want all of you to love and give respect to your parents.
I miss my dad so much that Really don't have no words to express my feelings because I have no dad.He expired due to diabetes or went to heaven in 2003.I miss the warmth of his body when he embraced me tight; his lips when he kissed me on my cheeks and on my forehead. I miss his bedtime stories; he always waited for me to sleep first and he was the one who turned the lights off in my bed room.He held my hands when I was worried or in any dilemma and said “You can do it son”.He cried with me when my heart was broke, he spent time with me when I was alone.
He died in my own hands.he talked only with me during his last few days.He just called my name only even to drink some water which he couldn't do himself.It was really so poor and I felt extremely sorry for him.Though he always told me that" Son ,I Do not fear death because death is the ultimate truth".He guided me that "Son,money is like dirt of our hands .Never run behind it instead do something good and nice to people that money itself will come to you.Help someone if possible for you".He said to me nobody is yours own if you don't have money.I miss my dad too much he was absolutely true and I have experienced all till today.
I paused for while and I could’nt stop myself from crying, the world seems to turn upside down. I felt a pain too much to bear, loneliness too deep to fathom. I miss him so bad!
Money is very much important but it is a bad thing also.It spoils our relations.Today I am all alone with my mom and I miss my dad and again very bad.I love him so much even today.I just want to talk to him just for once if god allows it.I wanna hug my dad and sleep in his secure arms because I feel alone and little scare of this selfish world.People use you and throw you.But if you have a huge amount of money,they will hang on your back.I think I am not so clever.I am feeling like alone in this whole world.I do not cry because I am not a weak person but I want my dad back even for some moments so that I can cry in his embrace and say him how much I miss him and love him.Oh ! Papa Please come back,I need You.I need You.I will always obey you and I won't do anything wrong.Please do come.
But I have a big hope of a better tomorrow.The sun will rise again but still the place of my dad is empty now and nobody can fill this.I have my blogger friends with whom I can share my everything.They are wonderful people and I love all of you.Thanks for giving me such nice love and support.My dad would be happy seeing my good work and efforts and keeping my sweet mom happy.
I just wanted to say again guys please love your parents.They come only once in our life.
Give value to your parents because only our parents supports us under any circumstances.
Parents are the first god in my life because they gave me life.


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