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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Easy & Healthy Weight Loss Recipes!!!

When it's a question of our health and that too related to overweight one should think seriously over it. There are millions of articles or diet programs based on weight loss recipes all over the web and other media.

 If you are really devoted to lose your extra pounds and maintaining a good healthy diet plan, you must be motivated and mentally prepared;then follow my easy and healthy  plan strictly.I am sure it would not make you starving to hell. Before starting any  plan you must take an advice from a doctor. So Let's start-
  • Water
Water Is the Most Beneficial in any diet plan. 
Drink  almost five to six litres of water everyday.Start with drinking two to three glasses of water in the morning. Carry
a water bottle with you in the work or where ever you go. Water will not only lessen your appetite. It  flushes out many toxins from our body.
  • Salads
Salads play an important role in the making of  a healthy diet plan. They help in the excreting rough matter from our body. They are easy to make, tasty, healthy and economical. Salads are nutritious and don’t contain much fat. So, men or women who are on a diet plan may prefer to eat them. 
 Salads are the right choice for those people who don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen. Moreover, salads can be
made with a very few ingredients available at home.
  • Follow Paleo Diet
Paleo diet consists of non vegetarian product like chicken, fresh vegetables, fruits(no banana)along with nuts and berries without any preservative. Paleo diet recipe is a quite effective way to lose weight. The best thing  in it is being natural without any preservatives. This recipe really works well when followed strictly. It contains a huge variety of products in every season. You will be surprised to know that preserved foods are the cause of many diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.Better avoid them. So when you eat  natural food it will not only help you in losing your extra pounds but also increases your life span.
  •  Juices
Juices are another simple recipe for weight loss.You may  have vegetable juices in addition like cucumber, tomato juice,
etc.They also help in many ways, which are given below-
1. Body cleansed and Repair.
2. Strengthen Organs: Heart, Liver Kidneys, Etc.
3. Boost Immune System
4. Healthier Digestive System
  • Vegetable Soups
 Vegetable soups play an important role in achieving our goal. Soups are also easy to make and  good in taste.
  • Exercise
Regular exercise is also an important ingredient of  our easy plan. You must work out a little everyday and anytime that suits you(Better is in the morning).It burns your extra fat and makes you always fresh.
And above all stay away from smoking, alcohol and drugs.Don't ever think about them.Please.Be positive and enjoy your life more.
And at last of all I would like to reveal that I am not a nutritionist.Its just on my personal experience.


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