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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Change Your Life!!!Please Don't Ignore!!!

Many must be writing posts about changing life in many ways but I tried myself to post the maximum experience till now I have got from my life & my surroundings.hope This will help  you.I don't want all of you to follow me but I want just that you read it once.If my findings help you to bring a change in your life to even low as one percent only I would feel myself luckiest & successful in  my work.
First of all Don't envy anyone: Be spontaneous and keep your life uncluttered from feelings of envy.I have only some simple rules. Fall in love whenever you want to. It's the surest way to happiness. Never be envious of anyone. Envy is lowly. Try yoga. It never fails you.Don't Ever smoke.Don't ever take alcohol or drugs in your precious life
Work On Yourself
You are responsible for what you're thinking and the person you ultimately are. Work on yourself everyday. Focus on the larger picture even as you fulfil your daily responsibilities. I try to make each day rich for myself, starting with prayer in the morning and ending with prayer in the evening. I fill the day with what I love most, ie, my work. In between, I fulfil my duties as a mother, wife and daughter because I truly believe that one has to feed one's own 'self' along with what we owe others. This constitutes a balanced way of living.

Don't Take Tension
Get a good night's sleep. And that takes some effort, ensuring there are no unresolved conflicts or negative situations crowding your mind when you hit the pillow. Don't let anything disturb your sleep. Don't take tension. Walk away from unpleasant situations and people. It's not worth the hassle. I prefer to stick to people who like me and who I like. If you're at fault, apologise and move on.
Learn A Skill
Have a goal that fires your imagination and makes you feel alive as you pound away at it.It could be learning a skill, getting a qualification, a promotion or your health-related goals. Without goals, life becomes directionless and even with all the money and comforts in the world, quite dissatisfying. When the goal is achieved, set a new one. Don't kill yourself over it but keep making efforts to reach it.

Dance and Sing Without Inhibition
Listen to your inner voice and stay true to yourself.Trust your judgement, go with your intuition rather than logic sometimes and never compromise on your values and principles.... Dance and sing without inhibition — that's the best therapy in the world.

Life Is About Compassion, Surprise And Wonderment
Don't wonder at the purpose of life... feel grateful for the fact that you're alive. And allow this awareness to enrich every moment of your day.I've lived in the constant awareness that my existence is a highly unlikely event. That I exist is a constant source of wonder and surprise. This has made me ever grateful and made love and compassion the most important values of life.
Accept The Bad With Dignity
Go slow on expectations from the world around. Don't sweat the small or big stuff and take ups and downs in your stride.Never plan. When things don't turn out the way we wished, we get frustrated. Accept a situation for what it is... there is always a reason for it.

Don't Retire From Life
Don't rest on past laurels. Even when you retire, don't retire from life. Don't wake up at 8 am not knowing what to do with your day. Dev Anand (film Actor/Producer/Director) is an ideal example. When a publicist met the veteran actor and praised his past movies, he retorted that he would rather focus on his upcoming movies!

Raise Your Own Garden
Be creatively occupied in making your house a home and keeping close ties with nature.Rented places can never give you the comfort or security of a home that is yours for keeps. If it has garden space, all the better. Plant your own trees and flowers, see them grow and blossom, and cultivate a sense of kinship with them.

The Gift Of Giving
Make charity a part of your daily routine by giving leftovers to the needy, fruits to street kids, etc.It's the basic principle of karma in action, and you get back what you give. The act of charity also makes you feel good and encourages detachment, as you learn to give away material possessions. Start small, by giving away any amount you feel comfortable or dig into your cupboard. Just give!


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