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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Beautiful Girl To Grandma In Just Four Years-Heroin Addiction

It Is An Ordinary Girl From Russia. 
Vika Zavalina.
 She Used To Do Meth. Meth Girls Are Always Pretty.
 Not For A Long Time, Though. That Is How She Looked In 2004.
 After A Year.
2008. Vika With Her Cohabitor. He Sed To Sell And Do heroin. She Did Too.
First Days of 2010.

 Finally, Autumn 2010.
 The degradation of the body and personality makes one think about the rightness of compulsory medical treatment implementation.

               The Truth
Heres Self Explanatory Video On Tһе Effects οf Crystal Meth Addiction…

I Just Want To Stop Drugs!!!
This Is The Bloody Drug
What is Addiction?
Addiction is said to be an uncontrollable habit of being dependent on drugs or alcohol. Given the side effects that these substances can have on your body, and the grip it can have on your brain; most people have been led to believe that a ‘real’ addiction can happen only when people end up using these chemicals or substances in large quantities.
What is Meth?
Methamphetamine is a substance that can be closely associated with amphetamine, when it comes to its chemical composition. The central nervous system will get affected quite a bit when methamphetamine is consumed. Both of the given drugs have been used for medical purposes, and generally they’re used to treat obesity. However, these substances are not generally used for therapeutic uses.
The street name for methamphetamine is meth; and there are a lot of cases that have shownmeth addiction to be a real cause for worry.
Meth can be described as being an addictive stimulant which has been known to strongly activate some of the systems of your brain. What it does is that it will speed up the central nervous system of your brain. This is what ends up giving meth its other street name ‘speed’. Originally, this substance was used in nasal decongestants. However, that usage is no longer viable legally.
What Does It Look Like?
This white powder, which is also known as crank or crystal, is said to possess a taste that is best described as ‘bitter’. The methods of abusing this drug would involve dissolving it in water or alcohol; smoking it, snorting it or injecting it. There is a feeling of euphoria that is created once this drug is consumed; and this feeling is known to last for a good number of hours.
Defining Meth Addiction:
Addiction to meth is turning out to be a real problem, in terms of the number of people who are falling prey these days. In terms of the region that’s hit worst, Midwest comes out on top of the charts, as per surveys and statistics. This stimulant is said to be extremely addictive; and some recovering addicts confess that it is possible to get addicted with just one use.
Who Is The Average Meth User?
The typical meth user is said to come from the lower or middle class income groups and is generally seen to be a white person in their 20s or 30s, and will generally be living in a setup that is primarily rural. While this sort of a description of a meth user might appear to be technically accurate, the truth is that it needs some tweaking.
While meth may be more commonly be used in rural communities, it is considered to be a popular ‘club drug’.
Ideally speaking, the typical user of meth might come from the middle or lower class income groups. However, there have been ample cases where members of extremely prominent and wealthy families will also indulge in meth use.
Thirdly, when it comes to the meth addict coming from the age group of 20 – 40; it may also be seen that teenage use of meth is said to be on a rise these days. Moreover, you’d also end up seeing meth addicts who are already in their 40s and 50s.
Meth Addiction Signs And Symptoms:
The users who are low-intensity addicts will be able to continue using meth on a casual basis. They wouldn’t get psychologically addicted to the drug and they might use snorting or swallowing as their preferred method of ingestion.
Binge users are the ones who will consume huge quantities of the drug. There might be times in between where they might not consume the drug at all.
High intensity meth users will tend to regularly consume the drug. Both, binge and high intensity addicts, will tend to be psychologically dependent on the drug. They might either inject or smoke the drug in order to get a better and a slightly more intense euphoric feeling.
Kumari Fulbright Before After Meth.
Amy Winehouse Before After Meth

Meth addiction effects:
Meth addiction could cause for the brain to produce increased amounts of norepinephrine and dopamine. Both of these are neurotransmitters.  Even if a small amount of the drug is used, you will see these effects –
Decrease in levels of fatigue
Increased levels of alertness
Reduction of appetite
Some of the other symptoms that result from the usage of meth would include exhilaration and a feeling of euphoria. Larger doses of the drug might end up exhibiting symptoms like –
Bizarre behavior
Short term memory loss


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