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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Woman Without Her Man Is Nothing!!!Must Read For Positive Relationships!!!

An English professor wrote, "Woman without her man is nothing" and asked his students to punctuate it. 
The men wrote, "Woman, without her man, is nothing!" and the women wrote, "Woman! Without her, man is nothing!" These are just tiny dots, commas and exclamation marks but it depicts the importance of how we can view the same situation in different ways and get two polar results. A lot of the problems within relationships do not stem from situations but our perspectives and handling of them. It seems that many a crisis and issues are handled with aggression by men and tears by women. It's so easy to moan, shout and nag. But it might be more productive to be proactive and positive. You can grudge a workaholic husband and his zeal or reward him with candlelight romantic meals for affording you your lifestyle. You can lament about the death of passion with the years gone by or make it your mission to restore it with whatever it takes. You can view your divorce as the end of your world or as the end of a world of misery. You can view infertility as a curse and wallow in melancholy or simply as a fabulous chance to change the life of an orphan. Negativity breeds misery, positivity breeds happiness. The choice lies with you! 
I'm in love with my best friend and want to make her my life partner, When I told her, however, she said her parents won't allow a love marriage. How should I convince her parents? I am confused and don't want to let her go. 
Wow! First you have to ascertain how she truly feels about you. Maybe she doesn't see you as more than a friend and doesn't know how to say so. If she admits to being in love too, then get your parents to send a proposal to her parents. Good luck! 
How does one stay positive in life? When I see you I feel you never age. You always keep a positive mind. How does one do that inspite of having so much negativity around? 
There are people that have a perfectly good day and then allow one tiny blunder or bit of negativity to ruin it for them. And then are those that have an awful day and when one tiny bit of good happens, they see it as a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day. I think the essential ingredient to positivity is gratitude. Always count your blessings. "I cried because I had no shoes, till I saw a man who had no feet". Personally I don't look around for happiness. I decided long ago that I was going to be the fountain of happiness for all around me to drink from. It makes fabulous friendships and family bonds! Besides, happiness keeps you alive, vibrant and pulsating! 
I have always fantasised about woman older to me — school teacher/boss/celebrities, etc. I find them more attractive than girls my age or younger to me. In fact, I was once in a relationship with a married woman who was four years older than me. Is this sexual desire natural. 
Well, firstly know that it's not abnormal or misplaced to do so. Maybe you are drawn to them because older women come with the lure of experience and emotional maturity. They exude confidence, charisma and wisdom, are at ease with their bodies and have more developed personalities compared to younger girls. It could also possibly be that you are fulfilling a need for a mature, motherly person in your life. 
I was in love with my colleague. We both belong to different communities and our parents were against it. We got close and even had protected sex. However, her parents forced her to marry a relative. Her husband is quite uncaring and now, they are both living apart. I also got to know that she has undergone an abortion. Now she is back in the office and trying get close to me again, but, she is not divorced. Is it right to get into a relationship with her now that she's a married women? 
If your relationship had no future on grounds of community difference it has less of a future now that she is married or even if she gets a divorce. Even if her parents relent now, will yours? And how important is their approval in your life? Either way, she needs to sort out her emotional and legal tangles, and you should, at best, be no more than a friend to her through this turbulent period. Don't make any life changing decisions whilst in emotional chaos. Wait for the dust to settle and only then make serious decisions about your future. 


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