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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tips To Have Fun In Shower Sex!!!!

These tips don't necessarily explain positions for having sex in a shower just some basic hints on how to make the moment more enjoyable and how to mix it up. Read the top five tips for having sex in the shower more explosive than normal.
1. Get lubricant

The hot water from the shower can make a women's natural feminine moisture drier than usual. Couples may need to consider using a lubricant to make the act of having sex in the shower easier and more enjoyable. Couples will have to experiment with the correct lubricant and amount used to have maximum performance. Since couples who tend to shower together stay under the water longer, take this into consideration.

2.Waterproof toys 

Couples can use battery operated vibrators in the shower. Use of this adult toy can add to the excitement of having sex in the shower. Woman will enjoy the use of vibrator while her partner can experience her enjoyment while hot water sluices over them.

3.Birth control

If using a condom, be aware that condoms may not hold up to a one-hundred percent reliability. The water and heat of the water can break down the condom making the latex less reliable. Try an alternative to the condom when having sex in the shower.

4.Lather up

An extra soapy rub and massage will make the shower fun and playful. When having sex in the shower always plan on a few more moments spent under the water spray make the best of the time. Let the cleansing of each other turn romantic and sexual.
5.A new beginning

While having sex in the shower is great fun, couples can continue into the bedroom after the shower is done. Initiate the sex in the shower with oral sex and continue the actual act of making love after the shower is done. All the touching, caressing and sensual movements in the shower can lead up to a very passionate time in bed. This is a great tip for having sex in the shower because it's a two part love making session.


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