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Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Mystery Of the Universe & Life!!!

Krishna reveals the mystery of the universe to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra in the ninth chapter of the Gita-

Why does God keep "profound secrets" from us? 
Secrets are often misunderstood as something which nobody should know; but what Krishna means is that which is unknown to us'. What we know is the realm of matter; what we don't know is the realm of spirit. It is profound because it is hard to understand; it's so subtle that it is difficult to capture. He calls it the royal secret, since royal is that which is the best and the highest. 
He wants to tell Arjuna about the spirit, and how as human beings we can choose to pay attention to matter or spirit. If you focus on matter, you have vain hopes, futile actions, senseless pursuits, and you go around in circles because you never achieve fulfillment; whereas if you pursue spirit to reach fulfillment, not just the final stage of enlightenment, but the journey itself becomes pleasurable and exciting. 
You don't have to give up your family, business and comforts in order to take to the spiritual path. All you need to do is to change your thinking. Most spiritual aspirants change everything about them except their thought. As you think, so you become. 
How do you move from matter to spirit? 
You move gradually from physical temptations or desires to emotional inspiration. This frees you from physical likes and dislikes. Then you move on to intellectual conviction. For example, a group of doctors are working in the Gaza Strip because they have conviction — to help children in war-torn areas. They've risen above personal likes and dislikes at the emotional level. 
And finally you get that spiritual bug to find out what the purpose of your life is and then everything else falls by the wayside; you grow tall, and all resources are at your command. 
Today we are like beggars; we go out into the world seeking money and status. Once you achieve spiritual status, you are no longer a beggar. If you acquire merit, good things of the world will come to you automatically. 
When do we stop seeking? 
You don't stop seeking, you seek the higher. As a child, you are captivated by toys; as you grow up, the joy of balancing on a bicycle makes you lose all interest in toys. As a teenager, you fall in love and the bicycle, too, goes. 
But as adults, we are captivated by different kind of 'toys' — cell phones, cars, gadgets. The Gita asks: 
When will you grow up as spiritual adults? This growth happens when you are drawn to something larger, higher, selfless and more fulfilling. The lower desires will just go away. 
Krishna focuses on constancy of thought. He says that anything that you pursue constantly, consistently, you achieve. 
Ananyascintayanto means absolute focus; Krishna says if you pursue me, meaning the spirit, I will give you ksema, material success. Unless you tap into your strengths and resources, you cannot achieve even material prosperity. That is the central theme of the Gita. 
Krishna says, whatever you pursue, wealth or anything else, you will get it, but ask: Is that what you really want? It is like you running in a blind alley, you reach the end and realise that is not what you want, you come back and run into another alley. That is why he says whatever you seek in the world, you put in a lot of effort, you seek finite things, and they go after a while, whereas if you pursue the spirit, you claim the infinite, and it never goes, you never lose it, even after death. But since you are in the world and you need certain material things around you, you get material prosperity. 
How can we balance the material and the spiritual? 
A study was undertaken to research how the same sportsman, with the same fitness level, is able to perform brilliantly sometimes and miserably at other times. The study concluded that the key to brilliance is a calm mind. This is what Krishna says in chapter two. 
Equanimity of mind is yoga; perfection in action is yoga. When the mind is calm, thinking is clear and action is brilliant; when your mind is agitated, thinking is confused, actions are flawed. 
Dedication is another factor. In chapter nine, Krishna talks of shraddha, often incorrectly translated as faith. In the film Chariot of the Gods, the hero is a talented athlete. He says, God made me to run, and I will run for God. It is a beautiful concept — that I have a gift from God and every time I act remembering that, my action would be one of thanksgiving. 
Even something as inane as an email could have an impact if sent with shraddha. When employees are required to clock in and out to record their presence, the employer is ensuring their physical presence. 
But how do you tap into their mental resources, and ensure that they work with dedication for common benefit? 
When you understand that your work is your ambassador, you will realise that substandard work speaks badly of you. You are not working for reward or money but for a higher purpose; your work becomes worship, and you are bound to be successful. Try it. 


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