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Friday, 24 December 2010

Salman Khan & Asin 'Marriage' Buzzes South'

Asin Thottumkal has been besieged with calls congratulating her on her wedding...with Salman Khan, no less! Surely, any girl in her right mind would be ready for the nuptials. Precisely, that's what Asin's declaring too.
 Salman Khan wedded Asin in a solemn ceremony. The duo was 'Ready' for it, and preparations were in full swing to ensure that sequence went off smoothly. Incidentally, Asin's gone the whole hog, wedding wise. She's endured the thrills of a Tamil, Telugu and Malayali wedding in South cinema. And now, in a fitting tribute to nuptials, she's relishing the whole fuss and drama that the "Punjabi marriage" in the Anees Bazmee helmed flick has raked up.
 Amid giggles, Asin states in a tabloid chat, "I'm really enjoying this whole wedding bit joke. I've been taking the 'saat pheras' in my bridal outfit for a week now. I almost feel married to Salman now. The family opposition bit is also part of the script." The much married actress (hey, in South cinema only) has stumbled upon the joys of a full throttle Punjabi wedding.
 Reveals Asin, "I've gone through Malayali, Tamil and Telugu marriages in my films, but this is my first Punjabi wedding. I've loved every moment of it and even danced at my own 'sangeet'.
 In fact, hunky co actor Salman Khan too seems to be totally sold over the fun and frolic of a Punjabi wedding. And whadya know, the duo has decided that whenever they decide to opt for matrimony, the ceremony will be conducted in true Punjabi style. Asserts Asin, "Salman and I have made a pact. It'll be a big fat Punjabi wedding." Eligible (and loaded) singletons, grab your clue...


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